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What is Stats Analysis?


Stats Analysis is the art of making sense out of traffic numbers in regards to your website. It considers such things as visitor numbers, visitor type, pages accessed, search terms used to find your site, time on the site, search engine indexing, and other statistics to draw meaningful conclusions about the effectiveness of your marketing, and to plan a way to improve marketing success.

A basic stats analysis can be performed from almost any statistical tracking software, if you have it functioning with your site. A good analysis will give you very good information about where problems may be.

A stats analysis, combined with a complete web assessment is a combination which can pinpoint the origins of problems with a high degree of accuracy.

If your site is not doing what it should, these two essential assessment services are the first step in determining exactly what the problem is, and then in providing guidance for creating an effective plan for correcting the problems.

A key to success is to do more of what works, less of what doesn't. Stats analysis is a valuable tool in determining just what is, and is not, working.

Give us a call if you need this. We'll be glad to help.

NOTE: We do not recommend Google Analytics, for a number of very serious reasons for small businesses. Our preferred stats tracking software is AWStats.

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