Firelight Web Studio is a U.S. based company, offering Web Services to the United States and Canada.

Payment Policies

Firelight Web Studio, as a company, has always tried to create policies that protect our clients, and not just ourselves.

Be assured, these policies are NOT there without cause! Our business has existed for 20 years now, and those years have give us a wide range of experiences with clients, and the experiences have been wonderful, and terrible. We have been forced to put some things in place to protect ourselves from being cheated. Sadly, we cannot always trust our clients.

We have also had some wonderful clients who have become cherished people in our lives. These policies have contributed to having MORE of that kind of client, and fewer of the kind we dread.


Payment Requirements

Payment in advance on all services. We will break larger payments into segments, for some services, except where a special discount is offered. In most cases, if you get a bulk discount on something, you need to pay for enough to justify the discount, in advance.

Partial payments  - when we have broken a larger payment into smaller ones - mean that you pay part, and we do part of the work. If you approve of what we have done, you pay the next payment, and we do THAT segment of work.

Payments Accepted -  Money Order, PayPal, or US Check. Of course, if you want to drive to our door and hand us cash, you can do that too. We always give you specific information to include with your payment to legally tie the payment to the services contracted for.


Money Back Guarantees

You pay in advance for many things, and we offer a money back satisfaction guarantee on some, but not all, of our services. We will not offer a money back guarantee unless we can protect our own work, AND we feel that there is an overwhelming chance that the terms of the guarantee can be met to YOUR satisfaction.

When a money back guarantee is in effect, certain terms apply.

You cannot use anything that we refund on. If you refuse it, because you are dissatisfied, then you may not keep it and cheat us. We will take it back, and you must agree not to use it, before we will refund.

Where a partial payment for a large service has been paid, the payment of a subsequent payment on the same work indicates your satisfaction with the first segment, and the prior payment is no longer refundable. We will not refund on more than one segment.

If there is custom work done, we will NOT refund on that work if a subcontractor has been hired for any portion of the work. We inform you when a subcontractor is used.

Money back guarantees are not available with writing services.


Service Extension Satisfaction Guarantee

In some cases we offer a guarantee that does not provide for money back, but it will provide for certain additional services to be rendered free of charge if reasonable goals are not met by our work, in hopes we can adjust to better achieve the goals of the service provided.

Terms and conditions are the same as for a money back guarantee, but also include:

  • The work must not have been tampered with.
  • Any required service contract with us must have been continued without interruption.
  • Proof of inadequate results must be provided.

This kind of guarantee is most often available for optimization services.


Service Policy

We reserve the right to refuse service
to any business that we feel violates our clean site policies,
or which violates our "safe business" policy.

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