Firelight Web Studio is a U.S. based company, offering Web Services to the United States and Canada.

Small Business Webmaster Training

This is the training that changed the small business website arena. Laura's students don't do business like most Web Designers, they do it better.

To be a FULL SERVICE Webmaster, you need competency in ALL of these disciplines:

  • Web Technical Knowledge
  • Website Coding and Structures
  • Website Graphical Design
  • Writing
  • Marketing
  • Small Business Organization and Management
  • Training Skills
  • Computer Performance Skills
  • Analytics, Diagnostics, and Troubleshooting

This is COMPREHENSIVE Webmaster Training, and it is a FULL ONE YEAR course. It covers all those disciplines, though you CAN select out just the parts you need, and opt for PARTIAL training, instead of FULL training.

It is 1 hour a week, in a sequential course of curriculum that teaches you everything you need to know to provide EVERY SERVICE that a small business owner NEEDS to market their business online.

You can WORK YOUR WAY THROUGH, because Laura HELPS you with EVERY job you get, and she has your back, so you can take on a contract at any time after you begin the training.

It includes:

  • Domain names
  • Hosting
  • Site Structures
  • Joomla
  • Wordpress
  • Artisteer to make templates
  • Editing templates
  • HTML and CSS
  • Quickie Code Diagnosis
  • Site organization
  • Site optimization
  • Extensions and Plugins
  • Configuration of EVERYTHING
  • Carts and Complex sites
  • Business skills
  • Payment setup
  • Site legal issues
  • Working with the client
  • Marketing
  • Blogging
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Content Writing
  • Training the Client
  • Contracts and Agreements
  • Site security
  • Custom coding (when and why)
  • Automation of site installs
  • Being the web host
  • Selling domain names
  • And so much more than you don't know that you need.

This is how you avoid the common biting "Gotchas" of being a new web service provider.

You pay $400 per month, for FOUR full one hour lessons per month that are tailored to YOUR needs and understanding. We have a curriculum, but we teach you the parts you need, and it is VERY personal training. BONUS, on those months with 5 weeks for "your" day, you get a freebie.

Each call is about an hour, though they tend to go slightly long, just so we FINISH the lesson.

You can give us a call and we'll gladly discuss this, and make sure you really know if this will help YOU, before you commit.

NOTE: Some people will need more than 1 year, even if they gallop. Other people may need fewer lessons if they have a strong understanding of the concepts already. The AVERAGE person with a high aptitude for these principles will complete it in exactly a year, with 52 lessons, and this is how the curriculum is designed to work.

Service Policy

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