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Marketing Training & Services


You need consistent business growth, month by month.

Our marketing tactics do not bleed you dry and leave you with nothing. All our methods are cumulative - they go on working for you even after you quit paying for them.

Marketing Training - $200 per session (Minimum 1 hour, usually just over)

A highly personalized training session, we train you in what you CAN do, and help you understand how to do it well. PRIMARY FOCUS IS ON FREE METHODS THAT REALLY WORK, and on what makes them work well. We email you handouts with this lesson, for the marketing methods you can use well. Includes email follow-up so you can email us if you have questions or need us to review your work after the lesson. (This is NOT the same thing as Webmaster Marketing Training. Training for Webmasters is far more comprehensive, training for site owners focuses on their personal strengths and the specific target market they are selling into.)

Blog Comment Service - $20 each, 11 for $200

High quality, relevant, 1-2 paragraphs generally, on relevant articles in related blogs. This takes a LOT of time to do right! We search out the blogs, READ the articles that sound relevant, and place a comment if we can ADD to the conversation, and we put your URL into the form where it belongs (we do not spam, ever).

Content Writing for Web Pages - $35 each, or $100 for 3

Website owner is required to submit some information in order for us to do this. This service is for the foundational pages for a website. Site owner hands us rough information, and we expand and polish it.

Short Product or Service Descriptions – $25 each or $100 for 5

Average 2 paragraphs each, when we write product descriptions, we write them to inform, and to help the customer WANT to buy it.

Content Marketing Article - $60 each, or $100 for 2

High quality article that is researched and written to draw interested traffic to your website. This level of article is designed to work as content on your site, or as a submission to other sites. It always has an “ah-ha” moment in it, and may be educational, funny, or explanatory. This category of article helps build content on your website that has marketing pull, and that lasts a very long time.

Premium Marketing Article - $120, or $200 for 2

This is a special article, written in an entertaining manner, which touches the soul of your product or service in a metaphoric way. It places the customer into an imaginative setting where they WANT to own and experience the product. This is the MOST effective type of marketing article to use as a marketing vehicle, and it CANNOT be written by research. It takes DAYS to ponder out the topic (in between our other tasks), and then more time to write and polish. This is a CREATIVE process, not a documentary process, and therefore takes more time and energy to produce. This type of article stays around for years earning for you.


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