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What Is Lifetime SEO?


Lifetime SEO is a phrase WE coined, for the service we offer. Do not mistake it for seemingly cheap alternatives which sock you month by month claiming that you need regular changes due to changes in search engine algorithms. They lie.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is a series of tactics which help you get more search engine traffic, and better quality search engine traffic. If you are not getting enough traffic from the search engines, or if you are not getting visitors who stay on your site, SEO may help.

LIFETIME SEO is not just Search Engine Optimization, it is whole Site Optimization, which does not get out of date because of changes to Search Engine ranking methods. It LASTS. And it is NOT DONE by other companies.

SEO does not seek to get just ANY traffic, and it does not seek to trick the search engines into sending you traffic. Rather, the purpose is to help the search engines to more accurately tell what your website is about, so that they can send you more people who are looking for what you have. And that is exactly what you want - not just visitors, but INTERESTED visitors!

The BIGGEST problem we see with Search Optimization instructions online is that people mistake their goal.

They think their goal is to build a site that appeals to a search engine. But the goal is to build a site that appeals to PEOPLE. If you do THAT, then it will index well, because the goal of Search Engines is to index UNDERSTANDABLE and LOGICAL CONTENT, and to index it ACCURATELY. So if your goal is to help people really understand and be able to logically navigate your website, then your goal, and the search engine company's goal, will be the same - and your site WILL INDEX WELL!

There are two types of Search Engine Optimization:

On Page. This means things that you can directly control within your website the content, the titles, link names, and some other elements that help the search engines get a complete picture of what is on your site. These tactics involve text words on your page and your site organization. (There is no real need to optimize code anymore, the search engines ignore it now anyway.)

Off Page. This means things like backlinks, and the words that describe your site when it is mentioned on OTHER websites. They are things that you can influence in strong ways, but which you can never entirely control. They are worth attending to though, because they do have a strong effect on your traffic.

Search Engine Optimization is usually a good investment if it is done well, because if it is done right, the results are long term, and they increase the amount of traffic that you get that you do NOT have to pay for directly. It is much less expensive per visitor than any form of paid advertising.

Search Engine Optimization should be reviewed about once every 1-2 years if your site is expanding, or if you edit it – off page efforts should be reviewed every 3-6 months. Done right, the content STAYS optimized. You may also need to update a site structure periodically for security reasons, or to make it more efficient for indexing. If you do a site rebuild that contains new content, you'll want a full optimization then.

Remember, there is no good automated form of SEO, they are all scams. If a computer does it, it will be done badly - they are good at grabbing words, but notoriously poor at USING them.

Good SEO requires a human with common sense who understands the difference between words, and GOOD words.

Taking a badly optimized site and updating it to a well optimized site usually produces dramatic, measurable results.

Lifetime SEO Pricing is on this page.

Give us a call or email us if you'd like us to do a free assessment of the SEO on your website. We'll be honest with you about the things that need improving, and the kind of difference it is likely to make.

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