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Speaking Engagement Rates And Fees

Laura Wheeler is a nationally acclaimed author, instructor, business professional, web developer, marketing expert, homeschooler, mycologist, herbologist, small farmer, and inventor. Yes. She's diverse.


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Presentation Rates and Policies

  • Minimum $900 for two hour appearance
  • $1500 for half day (plus travel and accommodation if applicable)
  • $2500 for full day (plus travel and accommodation if applicable)
  • $4000 for two day (plus travel and accommodation if applicable)


  • Fees due 3 weeks in advance (unless otherwise stated in description), refundable if presenter no-show. Not otherwise refundable.
  • Materials fees for all attendees required at time of booking (up to 30% of materials fees are refundable if same percentage of materials are returned)
  • $125 per day accommodation allowance required for all day or more than one day, outside 6 hour travel radius of presenter residence.
  • Accommodation allowance and travel fees TO, due 3 weeks in advance. Travel fees HOME, due PRIOR TO Presentation (not later than immediately on presenter arrival).
  • Travel fees include $200 per day per diem, PLUS mileage.
  • Days for travel and travel accommodation calculated by 7 hours driving time per day. (Calculators do not account for heavy traffic, road construction, rest stops, or other inconveniences. This equates to a 9 hour travel day.) Calculated by DRIVING time and overnights, regardless of how we choose to travel.
  • Returned payment fee $250.
  • A No Refund Cancellation will be immediately imposed for presenter personal safety issues caused by the client or by the client's company (presenter will cancel and leave, and no refund is due).
  • Presenter may choose to attend with a personal sidearm if the venue is deemed risky.

Venues And Engagements

Price is the same for all venues or engagements.

  • Stadium Appearance - Very large venue, more than 1000 attendees. Security protocols required. No presenter to audience personal interaction.
  • Convention Room Presentation - Semi-large venue, with more than 50 attendees. Basic security protocols required. Very limited presenter to audience personal interaction.
  • Classroom Presentation - Up to 50 attendees, some limited question and answer during presentation.
  • Workshop - Up to 50 attendees, personal interaction with instructor, hands on work may be taught. Can be combined with a Classroom presentation, for instruction followed by practice session.
  • Round Table - Up to 50 attendees, Interactive question and answer forum, lead by the presenter, to APPLY specific principles, or engage in problem solving, on an individual basis within the group. Works well when it follows a presentation to teach principles.
  • Jam Session - A small Round Table with a greater amount of instructional content, for members of a single enterprise. Works as a group instructional consultation, with ALL instruction tailored to the needs of the enterprise. This is a great way to build synergy in a problem solving environment. Limited to 10 participants, PLUS not more than 20 observers (observers may NOT ask questions, or make commentary). Designed to be a group consulting and training session. VERY personal, and confidentiality applies.



All presentations are scalable for short overview or more lengthy in-depth presentation or workshop. Large audiences welcomed for presentations, and seminars. Class, Workshop or Round Table participants limited to 50.


To Book An Appearance By Laura, Please Email Us


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