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Website & Marketing Presentation Topics

Presentations, Seminars, Classes, Workshops, Round Tables, and Jam Sessions For Website & Content Marketing Topics


More than just Web Development and Marketing! Laura speaks about business, websites, online marketing, scams and fraud, SEO, graphic design, and Webmaster Profitability.

IMPORTANT! If you want to hear what everyone else is saying, hire everyone else. If you hire Laura, you get tested and proven OUTSIDE THE BOX solutions that really work, not just the stuff that people SAY works because they want to sell you something more. Focus for Laura is ALWAYS on providing the information and instruction that will open doors to possibilities that make the participant say, "OH! NOW I get it! NOW I know what to do!". She wants to tear down barriers that keep you from doing the best thing, and presents information that does this in a way that leads to considering choices, far beyond what she presents.


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Website & Marketing Presentation Topics


1. DIY Marketing For Small Business - (works well as a Workshop or Round Table, can be done as an afternoon Workshop with participant laptops, to work out business card design, look at website home pages, brainstorm venues or slogans, consider personal strengths for possible marketing method advantages, etc.) All the things that a person can do with very little training, to market their own business. WARNING! Opt-in lists are NOT EVEN IN THE EQUATION for this class! This is all the stuff that WORKS! (This is CONTEMPORARY, and up to date stuff. I'm not talking about things that worked in 1999. This is the stuff that works TODAY.)

3. Webmaster Profitability - Strategies to save time, work faster, work better, provide more benefit to your clients, how to charge less and make more, and how to get paid, and contracts that protect you AND the client. Economical Webmaster Tools, and Resources. This works for VAs, and other online service providers. Strategies and methods that rocket web service provider earnings. We don't mean to $50 per hour. We mean WAY PAST what anyone is willing to pay you per hour, and yet, you can get it, if you understand how, and it can be HUNDREDS of dollars per hour.

8. Website Optimization - The collection of improvements that takes a dysfunctional, or semi-functional website to a success. Tech level is broad spread, there are principles and instructions here that are understandable by website users, website content managers, and all the way to webmasters. This presentation may be scheduled for any specific technical level, or to reach all three. Checklist, and ebooks on Flash Drive provided.

9. Search Engine Optimization That Lasts - Lifetime SEO (A Firelight Web Studio Original) really is a thing. Do it ONCE and it is DONE! No regular updates, EVER!! This is people friendly, search engine friendly, lowest cost, always White Hat, and powerful stuff! All the things you SHOULD be doing, and none of the things that waste your time. SEO still works. Webmaster tips for earning well from SEO services.

10. Permanent Content Marketing - (works well as Workshop or Presentation with Round Table) Content Marketing has not gone the way of article directories. It is still out there, working wonders. There are things that make it work, and things that make it suck, and we know what they are (and we'll tell!).

20. Website Software Structures - HTML, Joomla, Wordpress, Wix, ZenCart, GoDaddy, Stores Online, (Magento, PrestaShop, CRELoaded, Mambo, Moodle, Efront, and other oddballs) and a bunch of other stuff that never IS quite what we want it to be. Nevertheless, you have to use SOMETHING! How to get started with them, which might be best for you, and what will drive you nuts about them. Information regarding HIRING website work, and why webmasters get "stuck" in a certain system.

23. Your Website Should Make Money - Reasons websites don't make money, solutions to fix them, and why your website professional really DOES owe you something. This is Laura's flagship Philosophy for earning as a Webmaster, and for treating the client RIGHT. This is her advice to EVERY SINGLE website owner who depends on their website to provide real INCOME that pays for itself AT LEAST twice over in the FIRST YEAR, and a minimum of FIVE TIMES over each additional year. (Please specify client focus, or webmaster focus for this seminar.)

(Geez! She's never gonna shut up!)

(Scroll on, oh patient one, you might miss something IN-TER-ESTING.)

33. I've Been Google Bit, Now What? - All those strange things in your stats, but no effective traffic to your site. Orders have slowed or stopped, and you are crying because the business you built is evaporating. What can you do? We present strategies that work even when Google doesn't. All the stuff you have questions about - SEO, Backlinks, Content, Adsense Income, Cart Functions, Alternative Marketing Methods, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, PPC, IP'd sites, and why does my site have all those sleazy site referrals?

34. Replacing Your Adsense Income - Alternative income resources, positive and negative aspects. We cover alternate networks, creating your own network (more than one way), independent ads (an options), affiliate links (and you thought they were dead), and advertising your own assets. Each of these things has a SERIOUS limitation, and most of them have a thing that can make them work. You'll get nuts and bolts how to, not just commentary. Baldly factual, no hype.

37. Blogs Aren't Dead! - A blog is still a powerful marketing vehicle, and has permanency that Social Media never can. All the things that make it work, just how often you need to post, and why, and quick things to do with your posts to get maximum mileage out of them. I'm not stopping there, I'll cover what to post, how to make different kinds of posts effective, and how to make part of your website into a blog. Blogs are still the number one most effective tool for small businesses to use to promote a product or service website. This presentation is NOT just "you need a blog", because honestly, not everyone does! This is making it WORK for you, and not just the work you DO, but the work that is not worth your time to do. (1 hour seminar OR 4 hour class if we build a blog, with every student building their own.)

39. Hurry Up Headers - A computer graphic arts presentation which teaches how to create a range of different types of fast website headers using photographs and text (at least 5 different speedy techniques). Attendees need to bring a laptop, and they need to have Photoshop or Photoshop Elements installed and usable. This class teaches a series of skills, including header typography, simple photo editing (NOT amateur, but PROFESSIONAL editing), cloning, gradient overlays, using layers and styles, speed tips for cutouts, creating compound borders, and other fast techniques to create stylish headers in just a few minutes. This class is aimed at both Webmasters or Graphic Artists (this is a profitability skill), and at DIY website owners. Headers are professional and salable.

40. Rock My Artisteer! - Anyone can make an easy template with Artisteer, but it takes something more to make your Artisteer template really sing. Tips and tricks that speed up the process, refine the look of the template, and that help you coordinate the colors and styles more closely.  Elegance, Drama, Bold and Beautiful. Break out with Pro Tips that mean your templates will never be the same old same old again. (This class is NOT about "Laura's template styles". This class is about unlocking the functions of Artisteer for the attendee's OWN creative style.)

45. Opt Out Of Opt Ins - Because they ONLY work for DISHONEST businesses, and not even well for them (if they say otherwise, you'll never pin them down to specifics, because they lie). Firelight Web Studio has studied this for a LONG time, and the conclusions of analysis are inescapable. Alternative marketing that DOES work, including Newsletters and why they are different than an Opt-In, and what makes them work, and why you won't have one anyway. Laura does NOT teach "internet marketing", she teaches "online marketing", and they are VERY different things. This is a LOADED seminar, which addresses the ORIGINS of Opt In List instruction, and the false premises behind it. Pull the plug on the hype, and learn what really works.


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