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Website Assessment Special

Just $70 (regularly $100) for the most useful information you can get about your online business.

We'll look at your website and marketing, inside and out, and help you pinpoint the reasons why your business isn't doing what you need it to do. Good for do-it-yourselfers, or for those who just want to know what they should pay for to make the most difference. (We can do this anonymously for other web professionals also, to help your clients.)

Getting a Website Doesn't Have to be Confusing...
  • Frustrated Business OwnerDo you wish you had a Web Designer who just spoke English instead of Techno-Babble?
  • Do you just want your website to WORK, and to help increase your income?
  • Is affordability a short term and long term consideration?

It's easy to get what you need. Just call or email, and we'll help you! 

Its really about YOUR business. And its really about YOUR Success!

Your Needs Come First! A price you can afford, payments that work for you, and information when you need it, will keep you in the driver's seat, even if you don't know a metatag from a content management system.

Don't Get Scammed by Your Web Designer!

There are a gazillion ways that someone can take advantage of you. Most of them though, fall into a few types of categories, and can be avoided with a little learning. 

  • Designers who are more concerned with their profit, than with your benefit.
  • Technical terms and features that sound like another language.
  • Services that you don't know if you need or not.
  • Open per hour rates that have no visible limit.
  • Nasty surprises when you don't know you need the thing that got left out.
  • All those hidden "gotchas" that you don't know to beware of!

You CAN get the site you need, and you CAN find a professional who will deal fairly with you.

Download a FREE copy of our eBook:

How to Keep from Getting Scammed by your Web Designer (or Other Web Service Provider)

Here's wishing you all the success you are working so hard for! 


Packages Include...

Every website package includes:

Domain Registration Help
Web Hosting Assistance
Website Content Help
Website Graphics Creation
Search Engine Optimization
Website Marketing Help

We help you every step of the way!

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