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Website Assessment Special

Just $70 (regularly $100) for the most useful information you can get about your online business.

We'll look at your website and marketing, inside and out, and help you pinpoint the reasons why your business isn't doing what you need it to do. Good for do-it-yourselfers, or for those who just want to know what they should pay for to make the most difference. (We can do this anonymously for other web professionals also, to help your clients.)

I'm afraid that if I purchase a "low cost website" that I'll get ripped off

Low Cost CAN Be Low Risk!

"I'm afraid that if I purchase a "low cost website" that I'll get ripped off."

This is a valid concern! All low cost web design options are NOT equal!

Low cost web design options come in three different types:

1. Packages which promise you only a website, and which are marketed in the hope that you won't know what the limitations and problems with the package is. Often these are created from templates which you cannot change, or require that you use hosting which is not a good deal. They may offer you too few pages to effectively showcase your business (3 or 4 page websites are ineffective), and not tell you that you could get a 10 page site for about the same amount of work and expense.

2. Custom services offered by either inexperienced, or unscrupulous web designers, who will not tell you what they are leaving off. They may neglect to mention that you need to promote the site (or tell you how to do it in ways that really don't work), they may recommend services that you don't really need, or just because they have an affiliate program for the service. They may leave off critical elements like search engine optimization, or charge extra for graphics processing (and not tell you up front). They won't review your page copy as it is posted to insure that it is free of errors and effective, because they are rarely qualified to do so.

3. A few, rare companies, with both experience and integrity, which prefer to work with small businesses and low budget startups. They make sure you know that low cost DOES mean limitations, but they explain what those are and what they mean. They focus on making sure that every penny counts, by doing a good job on the things that really matter, and not fussing over things that aren't going to make a difference in the earning potential of the website. They make it clear up front just what is needed, and why, and they don't leave off anything that you may not know you need, just because they think you won't notice.

We strive to be in that third category, and we have found that it is a VERY lonely niche to occupy. LOTS of companies SAY they offer quality for a low price, but few really DO.

  • Low cost means that we leave out complex features which take a lot of time, but which do not increase site function.
  • It means we understand that you don't require a specialist for every facet of your site, IF you have a generalist who understands the most important elements of each facet.
  • We know that for a small business, there are things which don't cost much, but which are ESSENTIAL and which make a HUGE difference in your site function, and other things which will cost a LOT, but NOT make much of a difference in how well your site performs. We know which is which, and focus on the things that really matter.
  • Low cost does NOT mean unprofessional! Your site will look clean, it will be easy to navigate so your customers find what they want as easily as possible, and it will have a design which suits the product and your business style. Because those things are essential to a professional site.

We cannot promise that you won't get ripped off if you purchase a low cost web design solution.

We CAN promise that if you purchase from US, that you will NOT get ripped off, and that you'll be satisfied with the outcome.


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Every website package includes:

Domain Registration Help
Web Hosting Assistance
Website Content Help
Website Graphics Creation
Search Engine Optimization
Website Marketing Help

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