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Website Assessment Special

Just $70 (regularly $100) for the most useful information you can get about your online business.

We'll look at your website and marketing, inside and out, and help you pinpoint the reasons why your business isn't doing what you need it to do. Good for do-it-yourselfers, or for those who just want to know what they should pay for to make the most difference. (We can do this anonymously for other web professionals also, to help your clients.)

I have a Non-Profit Corporation

Experience Matters for 501c3 Corporations

"I have a Non-Profit Corporation."

Goals for non-profits are subtly different, and marketing messages also have to capture a different mood than they do for a For Profit business.

A non-profit business has to walk the fine line between showing that they are deserving of the support of the public, and that their cause truly needs the funds, while not sounding so needy that their trustworthiness might be suspect. Deserving, yet capable, has to be the overall image that is projected.

The marketing expectations and "rules" are different for non-profit corporations than they are for other businesses. Credibility is an issue in a way that it is not for businesses that are there to make money.

There are specific strategies which can be used to present a worth cause AS a worthy cause. It involves a delicate balance that captures the emotional appeal of the request for support, by showing the situation which the organization seeks to remedy, in a personal and meaningful way, along with showing the actions and achievements of the organization in a positive light.

Each element in the site must reflect the message that the site seeks to deliver. In our experience, non-profit sites are some of the more delicate sites to build, because it is important that all aspects are just right. There are certainly many ways to showcase any organization, and even many ways that are right, but many web designers will not understand that little things on the page may take a good concept and make it one that does not feel quite right.

When a non-profit site is not "right", it may be only a little thing that makes it feel that way. Site visitors won't feel comfortable enough to trust the organization, but they won't be able to tell quite why.

We currently hold contracts with three different non-profit corporations - an orphanage, a cross cultural exchange organization, and a municipality. Each has unique needs, and each was treated as being unique in its own right.

While our experience is not as large or as varied as that of a web design firm that specializes ONLY in non-profit organizations, it is sufficient to clearly demonstrate that we are capable of building a site for your organization which will encourage the community participation that you need for the success of your endeavors. We provide this at a much lower cost than a specialist would offer it for. We do offer a discount to non-profit corporations, to help them be able to channel their resources into the end goals more effectively.

We have lots of resources for effectively marketing your organization online. Talk to us to see what we can offer your 501c3.


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