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Website Assessment Special

Just $70 (regularly $100) for the most useful information you can get about your online business.

We'll look at your website and marketing, inside and out, and help you pinpoint the reasons why your business isn't doing what you need it to do. Good for do-it-yourselfers, or for those who just want to know what they should pay for to make the most difference. (We can do this anonymously for other web professionals also, to help your clients.)

I've got a growing business, and need a website to maintain growth

Websites for Established Businesses

"I've got a growing business, and need a website to maintain growth."

A website can be a terrific asset in expanding growth for an established business.

When you have a business that is already thriving, you have an existing image and logo, and may need a website that integrates into it. Purchasing web services is not a matter of choosing a template, or of hiring someone who cranks out an impersonal template without regard to your existing business elements.

A custom design is more important, not less, when your business is already growing. Because the website needs to reflect the business presence that has already been established, and not to rewrite it.

When you hire a professional, make sure they are willing to not just create a design just for you, but that they are willing to make that design work with your existing promotional materials. Some designers do not know now to do that.

Because we are experienced with this kind of website, and because we give you satisfaction control over the design process, you can be sure that we will meet that goal. You won't just get a site that has a place for your logo, the entire site will be designed to coordinate with the logo and to reflect the appeal that is required for your target customers.

You'll still need to provide the same kinds of information that a startup does, but you are more likely to have a greater amount of it already available instead of having to create it as you go. Some elements though, are specific to web marketing, so you'll need to create a website policy (we can help you), and perhaps adapt some of your marketing materials to web use (we can help with this too).

The amount of work that you'll have to do to facilitate the web development process will be a little less, so there is a potential for your site to progress more rapidly. But you'll still have to either work with us, or designate someone in your organization to work with us, so that we are provided with the images, ad copy, product descriptions, and other information that is necessary to the site.

A website cannot help EVERY established business (some designers will claim that it you have a business you need a website, but that isn't really true). But for many, it can provide anything from validation of your legitimacy, to the function of a virtual receptionist, to full online sales and support.

If your business is established and you feel that a website would help, give us a holler and discuss some options. We may be able to offer you some ideas for marketing leverage that you had not realized were there.


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Domain Registration Help
Web Hosting Assistance
Website Content Help
Website Graphics Creation
Search Engine Optimization
Website Marketing Help

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